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                                 Brodbecks Band 2023 Engagement Schedule


     *08  Sun   01:00pm    Brodbecks Band Family Picnic at Stone Church Picnic Grove

        1Sat    02:00pm    Wayne Wagaman Memorial Service at St Paul Lutheran Church, Spring Grove, PA


       01   Fri     07:00pm    Utz Terrace in Hanover

      03   Sun   10:15am     St. Jacob's Stone Church Service & Christmas Concert, Glenville, PA

      05  Tues   07:00pm    Homewood at Plum Creek

       10   Sun   10:15am     St. Paul's Church Service & Christmas Concert, Millers, MD

      12   Tues   07:00pm   Senior Commons at Powder Mill

      15   Fri      07:00pm   Jefferson Square Tree Lighting Ceremony

      19  Tues    07:00pm   Country Meadows Leader Heights

                                              Schedule dates confirmed as of October 10, 2023

                                                    BOLD type indicates not yet confirmed

                                                          * indicates a private engagement

                                      “Providing Concert and Marching Band Music Since 1878”

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